Discover a cheddar that breaks the rules

Castello® Tickler Cheddar

The Tickler Tale 

Castello Tickler isn’t just made. It’s crafted.

It was born out of curiosity, creatively crafted from years of development and experimentation. The result is amazingly good cheddar that is bold, tangy and distinctive. Made at the Taw Valley Creamery in the heart of Devon, each batch is lovingly crafted by experts – experts who don’t play by the rules.  The original Tickler recipe, still used today, was perfected in our cheesemakers quest to develop the ultimate cheddar.  And we think they got pretty close to achieving that goal.

Every last detail of the process was considered and every care taken at each stage. From the highest quality pasture which is home to our farmers’ cows, to the daily turning of our cheeses, right through to the use of unique cultures which deliver that striking, balanced and unique taste.

Only the highest quality cheese is selected for the Tickler range. It is constantly graded throughout the time it takes to mature, and only when it has achieved a sufficiently complex texture and superior flavour, is it awarded the Tickler grade.  Tickler isn’t just a style, it’s a gold standard which won best English Creamery Cheese at the International Cheese Awards in 2015.

Unique science, perfected art.

Discover a cheddar that breaks the rules.



*Mature & Vintage also available at Waitrose & Ocado