Want to play matchmaker?

Find the perfect match for your cheese!

Experimenting with flavors and pairings is part of the fun of cooking and entertaining. In the game of cheese matchmaking, there are no rules!

Tasting many different flavors and varieties makes cheese an adventure to explore. So, embrace the joy of pairing and set off on a culinary journey!

Pairing your cheese with a complementary wine or accompaniment can bring out the best in your cheese and enhance the taste experience. Whether you are hosting a cheese and wine party or simply enjoying a late night snack, these pairings are sure to tempt your taste buds.


A bold, flavorful cheese like Castello® Danablue matches well with walnuts and fresh figs, coupled with honey. Tempt your taste buds with toasted rye bread and crisp, slightly sour, green vegetables or salad. Citrus fruits, grapes or fig chutney also work well as accompaniments.

Castello blue mold cheese pairings


Either light or creamy, the traditional old-world recipes of Castello® Havarti cheeses offer an irresistible, buttery taste and delicate tang. On a cheese board, pair with fresh bread, crackers, apple slices and honey. Havarti is also an excellent choice for grilling or melting on meats and vegetables.

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