The Ultimate Cheese Mezze

Castello cheeses can be cleverly combined with traditional ingredients to make modern mezze items.

Mezze, by definition, is a selection of small appetizers served before, or with dinner.  As such, they are a fantastic way to introduce new tastes to your family and friends, and add exciting recipes to your repertoire.
Introduce one, or more of these clever cheese ideas onto your next mezze platter.
  • Creamy Havarti wrapped in vine leaves, drizzled with olive oil and baked until melted, served on crusty bread.
  • Wild Garlic Havarti, wrapped in freshly cooked veal bacon.
  • Grilled baby zucchini, filled with with Jalapeno Havarti.
  • Light Havarti cubed and treaded on skewers with cherry tomatoes, cucumber and mint leaves.
  • Danablu spread on mini pita bread, topped with a walnut and drizzle of date syrup.
Unleash your creativity with Castello and discover how compatible these quality cheeses are with familiar local ingredients.

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