Five Great Sauces to Complete Your Homemade Burger

Make your burger one to remember! Dress it up with a spicy Bloody Mary sauce, a bold Mojo sauce with cheddar or maybe a soft and flavorful avocado aioli? Check out our top five favorites for a burger flavor boost!

A good burger sauce can make all the difference on your homemade burger and there’s no reason to settle for ordinary when a little effort will bring you an extraordinary taste experience. Wow your guests with one or more of Castello’s favorite burger sauces – from smooth and creamy to nice and crunchy there’s a favorite for everyone.

 Grilling sauces


From one of the world’s best cocktails to one of the world’s best burger sauces, this spicy and refreshing topping incorporates all of the best flavors from the classic Bloody Mary into a bold and hot burger sauce perfect for a nicely grilled beef patty!



Chimichurri is a cold green sauce originally from Argentina. It’s packed with flavors from fresh herbs, chili and garlic, making it a perfect choice for grilled meat – both steak and beef patties, alike.



Bell peppers, garlic and cumin are a great match for the rich flavors of Castello Extra Mature Cheddar. Together they make a tasty condiment for grilled burgers, or even as a dip for roasted potatoes.



Summer is just the time to serve burgers slathered with homemade tartar sauce – it takes a bit of effort, but the end result is well worth it. This tartar sauce is packed with everything good and green – capers, gherkins, chives and parsley. Make it extra delicious by rounding it off with a chunk of Castello Double Crème White.



It’s hard to do a list of favorite burger sauces without mentioning avocado aioli. It has almost unlimited uses and is a safe, yet gourmet, choice for your homemade burger. Add a handful of freshly chopped coriander to the mix for extra freshness and flavor. 

All of these delicious burger sauces can be made well ahead of time and are a guaranteed hit at any backyard party. Get the recipes here.

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