Those little celebrations

Sparkle, bubble and nibble

Recipes to share

Life is full of those little celebrations, beyond holidays, beyond birthdays, when we feel like raising a glass to something that matters just to us. For those moments we have Prosecco, bringing a sparkle and fizz to each and every one. And to make that moment last longer, we’ve put a few recipes together: quick to make, with flavours that’ll have you reaching for more.

Tortilla Snack with Creamy White

The crunch of tortilla, the gentle resistance of a silky smooth cheese, topped off with pesto and whole almonds. Mmmm.

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Cheddar in Heart Salad Boats

Fresh, tangy and fruity, these little bites are set to make the mouth water, topped with mango chutney and coriander.

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Creamy Blue with Biscotti

Bring out the salty richness of our lush blue cheese with surprise ingredients: sweet, crunchy biscuits and luxurious marinated cherries.

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