Evenings savoured, simply served!

After a busy day, unwind with Castello

Evenings savoured, simply served!

create something delicious and homemade with very little time and effort

The Evening Meal during the week is a great chance to unwind after a busy day. Evenings Savoured, Simply Served inspires you to create something delicious and homemade with very little time and effort. Perfect for sharing with a partner or great just for one, Castello is great for every mood and taste.

The time you save preparing these meals is time to spend unwinding however you choose.

The meals consist of no more than 6-7 ingredients, with one or two cheeses. These ingredients are all easily obtainable from regular supermarkets and may already be in your store cupboard at home.

Check out our easy recipes, that you can prepare in no time!


Cheddar & Tomato Bruschetta

Keep dinner simple with delicious tomato bruschetta and matured cheddar.

Here we have ourselves a true crowd pleaser - beautifully ripe tomatoes on crisp surdough bread with a side of avocado and rich and flavorful cheddar slices. So simple and yet so packed with flavor! One thing is sure, you'll never have a night when there's nothing ready for dinner again!





Cheddar Ravioli

Reinvent ravioli with rich and flavorful cheddar slices

It almost feels like cutting in line, but why spend your night cooking when you can create delicious ravioli with just two slices of cheddar? Fill it with diced tomato, basil and Prosciutto, olive oil and black pepper and you're in for a treat!

We suggest you serve it with bread and rocket salad.

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