The ‘Burger Insider’ interview with Adam Richman

Tip #4: Why burgers are so timeless?

The ‘Burger Insider’ interview with Adam Richman

Yes, burgers have been around a long long time, but do they seem to be getting more and more interesting? 

Adam Richman: Burgers are portable, convenient, and familiar. Because of the simplicity of what makes a burger a burger, you see many brilliant variations of the theme. People can use their favourite protein from chicken, to turkey, to lamb and so on (even salmon) to make the patty. Even types of bread are forever changing. We can grab burgers on the go from drive-thru’s, or sit down and eat them with a fine wine at a Gastro pub. It is both highbrow and lowbrow, it is capable of being fun greasy junk food, or a meal to remember.

For a meal to remember try this ‘Barbecue and Blue cheese’ slider. A simple full flavoured recipe. 


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