Discover a Fresh Take on Fetta with Castello®

Our NEW range of easy-serve cubed fetta is now available. We have creatively crafted three variants of Castello Fetta® that will bring flavour to any meal. For convenient, easy, no-mess serving try our Fetta today!

Castello® Fetta is made using a classic recipe to create a full flavour with a balanced, tangy finish and slightly crumbly texture. It’s pre-cut into convenient cubes, ready to add to salads, pizza, pasta and baked dishes.

The handy, no-mess drainer basket inside the tub with cubes in brine makes it easy to use as much or little product as you like and then safely store any remaining cheese.The two variants of fetta cubes in oil marinated with herbs and garlic or with black olives, come as single serve packs, making it a convenient size to add to lunch boxes, or single meals. 

Add Castello® Fetta on top of your everyday dishes to make them more flavourful and exciting. 

Check out our rich recipe collection for more inspiration.