Double Cream Brie & FOCACCIA SALAD

A rich salad packed with bold flavours
10min 2 servings

1 pack x Castello® Double Cream Brie (300g), cut in bite size chunks

3-4 slices of Focaccia bread, cut in bitesize pieces

1 bunch rocket leaves 

8 slices of bresaola (could be replaced with prosciutto or any other cured meat)

1 cup cooked butter beans

1 capsicum, roughly chopped

Wholegrain mustard to taste

Double Cream Brie & FOCACCIA SALAD


What can be better than a simple and casual dinner after a long day?! Throw all these mouth-watering ingredients on a big plate and take the time to connect with your partner or friend while picking at this delicious dinner.

We think this is the tastiest way to say - How was you day?