The story behind Castello® Creamy Blue

Castello® Creamy blue was developed in the 1950’s by the Tholstrup family at their dairy in hovedgaard in central jutland and production transferred to the Gjesing dairy in 1963.

The story behind Castello® Creamy Blue

It was designed to give the softness and spreadability of a brie with the sharper taste of a blue mould cheese. The complex taste combination has been achieved by the unique piercing pattern and the special blue mould chosen for this cheese.

Castello® Creamy blue is made according to traditional methods in large open vats. The cultures are added by hand and the cheese is also cut by hand when the cheese-maker decides it has reached the right state of firmness. After moulding and draining, the cheese is salted in brine and then is pierced in a unique pattern, to give the perfect distribution of blue mould.

Castello Creamy blue matches well with a hoppy (bitter) beer, toasted rye bread and crisp, slightly sour green vegetables or salad. Citrus fruits and butter roasted walnuts would also work well as an accompaniment. Castello Creamy blue can also be used to add flavour to hot dishes.

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