Castello Quick Tips: Crostini with three kinds of topping

Surprise your guests with an exciting selection of appetizers!

Crostini are a great choice for an appetizer because they can easily be served with many toppings and provide endless possibilities for you to showcase your creativity. What better way to create an exciting mixture of flavors than by using a wide selection of cheeses? 

We suggest three cheese toppings with a delicate balance between traditional and unexpected tastes that will surprise and delight your friends and family. The classic Aged Havarti has a rich, buttery flavor that pairs well with vegetables and nuts. Creamy Blue’s complex taste works great with pears and fresh thyme, creating a truly exceptional combination. Double Cream Brie rounds up the savory experience with its mild, milky flavor deliciously complemented with basil pesto and Serrano ham. 

Ready for a taste? Check out the video and get the recipe below.

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