Green pepper chutney for Castello White with Green Pepper

The piquant taste of green pepper goes well with the strong peppercorns in Castello White with Green Pepper.

Green peppers have a lovely piquant flavour that stands out from the sweeter and more rounded flavour of red peppers. Try using it in a chutney, where the distinctive pepper flavour is balanced by the acidic sherry vinegar and a touch of sweetness from the sugar.

The chutney is ideal for serving with Castello White with Green Pepper, with the green pepper beautifully complementing the strongly flavoured peppercorns in the cheese. The chutney also tastes delicious with blue cheese or similar which calls for a piquant twist.

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Mikkel Bækgaard

Mikkel Bækgaard

This article was written by Mikkel Bækgaard, freelance food writer and food blogger /

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