The ‘Burger Insider’ interview with Adam Richman

Tip #3: Must have Burger Ingredients at Home

The ‘Burger Insider’ interview with Adam Richman

Making a burger at home means you make it exactly the way you like it. 

Adam Richman: Fresh, ice cold FRESH veggies for toppings. Any hot toppings: sautéed onions, sautéed mushrooms, bacon should be made of great quality AND made fresh to serve. An excellent beef patty includes roughly 80% meat to 20% percent fat. Keep Kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper in the cupboard, as they provide a good bond that works flavour- wise with the burger and won’t feel too heavy or starchy. For buns I prefer softer, more pillow-like buns. This could be potato rolls or Portuguese bread and so on. It’s the small details that take your at home burger cooking to the next level! 

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