Avocado Aioli

Ingredients for 1 serving

8 cloves of garlic, whole and unpeeled

1 large ripe avocado

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp crème fraîche

1½ tbsp good mayonnaise

1 tbsp hot sauce

100 ml chopped coriander

Salt and ground pepper

Avocado Aioli


Wrap the garlic in aluminium foil and bake at 200°C/400°F for 25 min. or until tender. Squeeze out the soft garlic cloves right into the food processor. Add the avocado, lemon juice and 1 tbsp crème fraîche to the garlic and blend until smooth.

Carefully stir the mixture into the mayonnaise, along with the hot sauce and chopped coriander and season to taste with salt and ground pepper.

Serve the aioli with grilled burgers, such as beef or chicken.