Chicken and Blue Cheese Fricassee

Ingredients for 2 servings

1 onion – peeled, halved and sliced
3 strips of bacon (diced)
1-2 tbsp. sunflower oil
2 skinned chicken breasts, each cut into 3-4 even sized pieces
1 tbsp. flour
½ cup chicken stock
¼ lb. asparagus spears (trimmed)
2-3 tbsp. single or whipping cream
1 x 4.4oz (125g) pack of Castello® Extra Creamy Danish Blue Cheese
Small bunch parsley, chopped.

Chicken and Blue Cheese Fricassee


In a large sauté pan or similar, gently fry the onion and bacon in the oil until onion is just tender, then add the chicken pieces and cook until sealed on all sides, turning frequently.

Stir in the flour and then gradually add the stock, stirring while the sauce thickens slightly, cover and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Meanwhile lightly blanch the asparagus in salted water and drain.

Once chicken is cooked, add the asparagus, the cheese and cream and allow to reheat and then serve with chopped parsley and rice or potatoes.

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