Fig and Blue Salad

Ingredients for 2 servings

Selection of red coloured lettuce leaves (eg. Lollo rosso, chard, red chicory etc.)
6 fresh figs
50-75g fresh raspberries
1 pack Castello Traditional Danish Blue 
4 tbsp. olive or sunflower oil
2 tbsp. lemon juice

Fig and Blue Salad


Make cuts in the figs from the top down as if you were going to quarter them but leave the base intact so they remain whole. Arrange them in a suitable dish with the salad leaves as a bed, the raspberries scattered amongst the leaves and the cheese crumbled over salad.

Place the oil, remaining cheese, lemon juice and seasonings in a blender and blitz together until smooth and creamy.

Serve the salad by drizzling with some of the dressing over serve the rest in a small jug.

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