The Brooklyn-Inspired Cheese Board

Ingredients for 1 serving

Castello Traditional Danish Blue



Tomatoes on the vine

Irish brown bread


The Brooklyn-Inspired Cheese Board


The bright, 50’s-style film that inspired this Traditional Danish Blue cheese board catalogues the life of a young Irish immigrant arriving in Brooklyn, New York.

To create a cheese board that reflects her story, use retro shades of yellow and teal layered with items that mirror key story elements: a beach blanket, picnic basket and signature cat-eye sunglasses. Represent the main characters with Irish and Italian-American touches, like Irish Brown Bread, olives and fresh tomatoes on the vine. Kumquats add a hint of sweetness and color.

Complete the scene with a sumptuous wedge of Traditional Danish Blue, crumbled for sharing, and a crisp bottle of Chardonnay. 

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