Inspiration for Easy Christmas Party Snacks and Appetizers

Delight your friends and family with tasty Christmas snacks and appetizers at your Christmas party. It’s time to take Christmas and holiday entertaining to a new level with our delicious and easy recipes for your parties.

Cheese is the perfect partner for your Christmas entertaining to get everyone into the holiday spirit. From sweet and intense Waldorf spoons with our Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar, a luscious cheese ball with Castello® Double Crème White, savoury prosciutto crackers with sharp Castello® Traditional Danish Blue to a sweet and tangy Castello® Pineapple Ring with clementine preserve – you can delight your guests’ taste buds and spend your time entertaining instead of being stuck in the kitchen. 

Spiced Clementine Confiture with Pineapple Cream Cheese

prosciutto Crackers with Blue Cheese

Waldorf Spoons with Mature Cheddar

Creamy White Cheese Ball 

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