The Vertical Lift

Take your cheeseboard to new heights with this unique twist on a classic. Simplay place the cheese and a few unexpected delights on a tiered serving platter and let the fun begin. This tower of flavour will save space on your table as it becomes the talk of the party!




Castello® Aged Havarti

Made from traditional cheese methods with the addition of a special culture, the Castello® Aged Havarti is then matured for 12 months.

During the long maturation the crumbly but creamy texture and a rich, buttery taste with tangy notes is created. As it ripens the cheese also starts to develop small crystals for a richer taste experience.

Castello® Traditional Danish Blue
First manufactured in 1927, this is the acknowledged classic, full-strength Blue Cheese. It differs from other cheeses primarily because it is made using homogenized milk in the cheese-making process which causes the taste to stand out. The taste is sharply piquant and slightly salty, which we refer to as the blue "bite".

Castello® Double Crème White
It starts with the slim rind that yields to your knife like a layer of snowy ice resting on silken water. Beneath, thick and velvety, lies the cream of this white cheese, waiting for you. Let it melt in your mouth, hints of plain yoghurt and dark chocolate. Give in to its seductive notes, savour its mild aftertaste, and enjoy the same rich afterglow you'd get from a well-marbled steak.


Castello® Decorated Cream Cheese Rings

From sweet pineapple to spicy red and green pepper or savoury chive, a trio of options await.


  • pomegranates
  • mandarin oranges


  • chocolate salami
  • water crackers & ginger snaps
  • fruit jam or chutney


The addition of fresh herbs and clean dried twigs will not only add to the ambiance, but will assist in elevating your presentation.


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