Summer calls for picnic in beautiful outdoor surroundings

Summer calls for picnics in beautiful places


Summer calls for an enjoyable picnic party with friends or family; or a savoury picnic for two in a beautiful outdoor setting. Essentially, a picnic should be uncomplicated and spontaneous. Nothing more than finding that perfect location, inviting your guests, and enjoying delicious food and drinks. So, make the most of your surroundings and host a delicious picnic with easy everyday, savoury dishes – from aromatic and creamy, to rich & tangy. Make sure to bring flavours that will delight everyone.



If you are looking to spend time with your loved one, you can’t go wrong with a picnic in a beautiful, quiet place. Press pause on your busy life and go for a spontaneous lunch. It could be an urban spot near your work or load your picnic basket with savoury and tasty food and drinks and enjoy a relaxing break during the weekend with a quiet picnic in the park or at the beach. 



When the sun finally arrives, make the most the of the lovely weather and get all your friends together for a picnic. Find a great spot in a park or forest near you. Make sure to bring plenty of outdoor games – and enjoy uncomplicated and delicious picnic dishes. 

Picnic tips

"A perfect picnic with delicious food is the ideal occasion to enjoy outdoor life and to soak up the wonderful summer sun. A picnic should be anything but stressful, so make sure that your picnic basket is packed with all the essentials, before you set off to your ideal picnic location. It’s all about preparation! This quick checklist will help you remember all the essentials for a fun and relaxing day outdoors – with delicious food and the great company of friends, family or your loved one."



"The great thing about dining outdoors, is that your surroundings will naturally help create the right mood and atmosphere. From beautiful green surroundings to a scenic waterfront location or the vibrant urban jungle; make the most of your local environment and find that perfect spot to lay out your picnic blanket. If you can’t decide where to go – get inspiration for your picnic location here."