To Smorg:


To gather with friends and take pleasure in grazing on an assortment of creatively crafted cheeses, normally presented in the Scandinavian style of the Smogåsbord with a range of accompaniments. [Tonight we are going to Smorg for tea.]


[Smorging is a brilliant way to enjoy cheese!]

How to Smorg with Castello®

Castello brings you a whole new way to put together a simple meal with your favourite cheeses. It is based on the Scandinavian smørgåsbord – an indulgent grazing style of eating that we’re calling ‘Smorging’! It is set to revolutionise how you get your cheese fix and will allow you to enjoy your favourite cheeses in lots of exciting new ways. So throw out the rule book and get ‘Smorging’!

Smorging means you don’t need to save your favourite cheeses for a special occasion or a traditional cheeseboard. Dive into your fridge and store cupboards to pull together a creatively crafted smørgåsbord using whatever you have to hand to compliment your favourite cheeses; salamis and hams, a jar of roast red peppers, boiled eggs, olives, leftover slices of meat – whatever takes your fancy!

The final piece of the jigsaw is what to drink while you smorg! We know cheese and wine work really well together, and sometimes you might feel like relaxing things a bit and sticking to soft drinks. So this year, Castello will bring you amazing suggestions of drinks to match to your cheese, and they won’t always be alcoholic! Alongside wines, beers and ciders, we will show you how you can complement cheese with popular everyday soft drinks, and give them a unique twist to make them really special.

So what is a smørgåsbord and how do you get started with Smorging?

A smørgåsbord is a buffet-style meal that is traditionally served in Scandinavian countries for special occasions or for Saturday lunch. Smørrebrød (open sandwiches) are created from the different components, often leftovers from dinner the night before. Cheese, fish, meat and vegetables are laid out for guests to put together themselves on top of a piece of rye bread which is the classic base. To add an extra taste dimension additional condiments like salted butter, mustard or preserved beetroots are often also offered. 

As cheese is at the center of Smorging, Castello has developed a series of seasonal smorging ideas and recipes that will help you to put together different combinations of taste and texture that will excite all your senses. We hope that they will help inspire you to build up anything from a quick and simple mid-week tea for two, to a full on smørgåsbord to wow your friends.

A smørgåsbord is easy to prepare and is part of the New Nordic food movement. It has variety, lots of flavour and can be very healthy. Smorging with Castello is a great way to share, experiment and try out new tastes.

So, let’s get Smorging!

Check out our ‘guide to smorging’ below for some inspiration and make Smorging your own!

  1. Grab a selection of bases such as crusty bread, slices of rye bread, crisp breads, crackers, or toast.
  2. Plan the rest of your ingredients, or root around and see what you can find to make up your board!
  3. Try to find a range of tastes to include: salty, sweet, sour, and umami (a savoury taste). And try to include a range of textures too so that there is a balance between crunchy and soft. It is the combinations of tastes and textures that make each and every Smorging session unique!
  4. Choose your favourite Castello cheeses and get them out of the fridge, along with some butter, to warm up for 30 minutes.
  5. Present your selection on some kind of platter – a wooden or slate board is perfect, or even just a large plate.
  6. Most importantly, remember, you can’t go wrong! Have fun with it and make the best of what you’ve got. Don’t be afraid about trying out new combinations and see what happens!




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