Let's Talk Havarti

Once you introduce your family to the delights of Havarti, there will be no going back!


Havarti is a delicious creamy, semi soft cheese made from cow’s milk. It is ivory coloured and has a sponge-like texture, due to its many small holes. As it ages, the mild flavour develops and the cheese takes on a more full-bodied flavour profile.

Havarti is a very versatile cheese. It can be used as part of a cheese board, sliced in a sandwich or grilled. It is a healthy cheese to include in yo...ur child’s lunchbox as it is easy to cut into wedges as a snack. Cheese is a great addition to your child’s diet as it provides many nutrients needed for growing bodies. The mild creamy nature of Havarti makes it a popular choice with young children.

Once opened, the best way to store your Havarti cheese is by wrapping it up in plastic wrap and storing it in the cheese drawer of your fridge. This will prevent the cheese drying out.


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