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Castello® Aged Havarti

Castello® Aged Havarti


Something happens when you age this mild, slightly tangy Danish Havarti. Its softness thickens, becomes crumbly. Flavours gather like handfuls of crushed almonds and hazelnuts, sweet with a sharp finish. Take a bite: crunchy, hints of ham and caramelised onions, subtly satisfying. Matured for 12 months in Denmark, to a traditional recipe dating back to 1952. Silver medal winner at the 2015 Global Cheese Awards.

Castello® Aged Havarti

Nutritional information per 100g

Ingredients: Milk, Salt, Lactic acid culture

1733 kj 414 kcal Energy
36 g Fat
23 g Saturated fat
0.5 g Carbohydrates
0.5 g Sugar
23 g Protein
1.8 g Salt