Classic Cheese Board

Ingredients for 16 servings

Castello Havarti

Castello Traditional Danish Blue

Castello Extra Creamy Blue






Chocolate-covered cherries

Classic Cheese Board


  1. Accompaniments – pair your cheese with crackers or breads, preferably unflavored so the cheese will stand out. Crostini and baguettes are great. Aside from these, add something savory and something sweet to accompany the cheese. A good formula to follow is “X Cheeses = X Savory = X Sweet.” So if there are 3 types of cheese, then add 3 sweet food items and 3 savory food items to your platter.
  2. Savory food items are nuts, artichoke hearts, olives, and charcuterie such as prosciutto or salami, to name a few.
  3. Sweet food items are pears, apples, figs, grapes, dried fruits, berries, jams, and even chocolate-covered fruits. TIP: Cover figs in prosciutto and bite with a sharp cheese. The combination of cheese with something sweet and something savory is delicious.
  4. Other tools – Have one knife per cheese so the flavors don’t mix and add labels to the cheese. Guests will appreciate knowing what they’re about to eat, or keep in mind what cheese they liked or didn’t like.


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