How to Build a Cheese Board Bar

Looking for a delicious, hands-on entertaining idea? Building a cheese board bar is something simple and fun that guests will love. Supply each person with their own cheese board, and allow them to build their meal from a table of ingredients.

Follow the tips below to create an unforgettable dining experience!


Start with a variety of Castello cheeses

Set the table with cheese as the focal point. On a premade cheese board, the host should slice or crumble the cheese ahead of time. With a build-your-own cheese board bar, leave cheese in its whole form and allow guests to choose how they would like the cheese to be displayed on their personal board.

Make sure you provide cheese in variety of flavors and textures, such as Aged Havarti, Double Crème White and Traditional Danish Blue.

Layer on the accompaniments

Collect a number of decorative platters and bowls to display all of the pairing options in their own receptacle. Group similar ingredients together, such as crackers and bread, meats and proteins, and fruits and spreads. Add labels so guests know what some of the less distinct ingredients may be, so they aren’t surprised when their board is accidentally covered with hot pepper jelly. One of our favorite cheese board additions is Lesley Stowe’s Raincoast Crisps. The nutty, flavorful crackers add unique texture and visual appeal to the table.

Share a few examples for inspiration

If guests are struggling with where to begin, share a few examples of flavor combinations that always work, like blue cheese and honey or Aged Havarti and cornichons 

Use the Cheese Board Builder for additional inspiration on what ingredients to include.

Don’t forget the wine

Provide a few bottles of wines that nicely complement the cheese and other ingredients on the cheese board bar. Folie à Deux Zinfandel is one of our favorite, versatile wines. Get more wine tips here



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