Inspiration for New Year's Appetizers

Get inspired by our selection of delicious New Year's Eve snacks that are quick and easy, making them perfect to enjoy throughout the evening. When you put a lot of effort into cooking a delicious New Year’s Eve menu, don’t forget about snacks and appetizers! New Year’s Eve is, after all, a long night full of fun and celebrations so be sure your guests are enjoying great tasting nibbles all evening long. From Castello Double Crème White and Parma Ham crackers, salmon crostini with Castello Aged Havarti to sharp Castello Double Créme blue cheese canapés, get inspired by these enjoyable plates that can be served as snacks or tasty appetizers at your New Year’s Eve party.

Double Crème Blue Canapés with Beets and Balsamic Glaze

Parma Ham and Raspberries with Double Crème White

Salmon Crostini with Aged Havarti