Castello® Extra Matured Cheddar Tangy, plummy, lasting

Castello® Extra Matured Cheddar

First the crunch, as salt crystals pop on your tongue. Then the punch, as tangy aromas storm your taste buds. This extra matured cheddar is so substantial your jaws might ache. Imagine the bite of a crisp sweet apple, followed by a dollop of nutty creaminess, then a kick of salt that makes your mouth water: this one just keeps giving.

Utterly satisfying, as you’d expect from a cheddar matured for up to 17 months at the Taw Valley Creamery, among the green pastures of England.

Gold medal winner at the 2015 British Cheese Awards.

Nutritional Information

Character semi-hard cheese

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Nutritional Information

100 g
  • 1618 kJ Energy
  • 32 g Fat
  • 20,8 g Saturated Fat
  • 0,1 g Carbohydrates
  • 0,1 g Sugars
  • 35,5 g Proteins
  • 1,8 g Salt