Pineapple, Mango and Blue Cheese Wedges

2 servings

Half a small pineapple
1 ripe mango
1 pack Castello® Blue Cheese

2 tbsp. natural yoghurt
1 tbsp. milk
Few chocolate curls for garnish if desired. (make these by drawing a potato peeler down a bar of chocolate, best if the chocolate is at room temp.)

Pineapple, Mango and Blue Cheese Wedges


Cut pineapple in half down it’s length, retaining the leafy top of desired. Remove the flesh and cut into cubes.

 Halve the mango, remove the stone and then cut flesh into cubes, cut half the cheese into cubes. Combine mango, pineapple and cheese cubes and pile back onto the pineapple skin wedges.

To make the dressing mix together the remaining cheese with the yoghurt and milk then either drizzle over the pineapple or serve in a small jug, scatter over the chocolate curls if using, before serving.

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