Want to play matchmaker?

Find the perfect match for your cheese!

Experimenting with flavors and pairings is part of what makes cooking and entertaining fun and in the game of cheese matchmaking there are no rules!

Tasting the many different flavors makes it an adventure to explore – all you need to do is not be afraid of pairing. 

Pairing your cheese with a wine or accompaniment that compliments the cheese can really bring out the best in your cheese and enhance the taste experience. And whether you are hosting a cheese- and wine party or simply enjoying a late night snack, these pairings are sure to tempt your taste buds.

Blue mold cheese

Blue cheese matches well with walnuts and fresh figs, coupled with honey. Toasted rye bread and crisp, slightly sour green vegetables or salad, fig and Port chutney also work well as an accompaniment. Enjoy your blue cheese with a hoppy beer, Cabernet Sauvignon or Tawny Port Wine.

Castello blue mold cheese pairings

White mold cheese

White mold cheese pairs well with apricots, both fresh and in syrup, fresh nuts and crackers. It also goes well with Muscat Wine Jelly and a glass of chilled Gewürztraminer.

Castello white mold cheese pairings

Red smear mould cheese

Red smear pairs perfectly with nuts and fresh bread or crackers with some grapes on the side. Enjoy it with champagne, red wine or beer.

Castello red smear cheese pairings

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