3 ways to use leftover cheese

How to turn bits and pieces of cheese into delicious treats!

There’s no reason why tasty cheese leftovers should end up in the back of the fridge – only to turn bad. There are so many ways to use these yummy bits and pieces in small dishes and snacks and there are almost no limitations when it comes to combining dif-ferent types of cheeses. So don’t hesitate to match a blue cheese with cream cheese and a hard yellow cheese. Or maybe you have some other cheese in your fridge?

And reviving those leftovers doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary! Here’s how you can easily turn leftovers into delicious little treats.

Cheese dip recipeCheese dip

Use leftovers from a delicious cheese board to make this wonderful cheese dip. Serve the dip with crackers, toasted rye bread, dates and fresh fruit. It also works wonders as  cheese spread in a sandwich. The dip can be prepared with many different kinds of cheese.


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Pizza Bianca opskrift

Pizza Bianca

This vegetarian pizza is full of flavor from grated cheese and chopped tomatoes sea-soned with chili and garlic. There are plenty of ways to experiment with different toppings; this version is with olives and basil.


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Garlic crostini with cheese and vinaigrette

crostini med ost opskrift

Baguette, cheese and ham - so simple and so delicious. A crunchy snack full of flavor from the beautiful solid, salty cheese, the spicy vinaigrette and toasted bread with garlic. This recipe is with Castello Aged Gouda, but can easily be replaced with another hard cheese.


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