3 favorite Comfort Foods

Chili Cheese Tops, Croque Madame & Blooming Onion - Comfort Foods that feel like more than just food!

Comfort Food is all about indulgent food moments and food that makes you feel good. Maybe your grandmother made the best buns ever and just thinking of them brings back the smell in the kitchen of her house and the moments you shared with her. Comfort Food feels like more than just food. Comfort Food can be a mood changer and really make a difference on a grey and cold fall day.

And why hold back when satisfying your cravings! Here are 3 feel-good-recipes for savory comfort food:

Chili Cheese Tops

Chili Cheese Tops are perfect for a late night indulgence and they are actually very easy to make yourself. . In fact, you can make the mixture well in advance, even several days beforehand, and then you hardly have to do anything when you get the urge for a round of chili cheese tops.

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Croque Madame

Croque Madame is basically a Croque Monsieur, but with a fried egg on top. The egg is intended to resemble a small ladies’ hat, hence the name. There are several versions, such as Croque Provençal, which has tomato slices, Croque Hawaiian, which has a slice of pineapple, or how about a Croque Mademoiselle, where you omit the ham but serve a small side salad? The possibilities are many.  Feel free to experiment with the cheese; we chose a combination of Marquis and Havarti, which add a little strength to the flavour.

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Blooming Onion with chipotle cheese dip

Do you like fried onions? Do you like loads of fried onion, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle? If so, then this might well become your favourite dish. The name "Blooming onion" stems from the fact that the finished dish resembles a flower.

While the onion is undoubtedly the main attraction, you definitely should not underestimate the sidekick in the shape of the cheese dip.



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