Matured cheddar and bacon jam with chili and prunes

Bacon jam? Yes, it's a jam with bacon – the perfect pairing for a good, hard cheese.

Homemade bacon jam with chili and prunesJams with meat are undoubtedly many people’s wildest dream. Although there are premade alternatives, you can easily make a delicious jam at home using the best bacon you can muster, a little chili, some prunes and a few other small items.

The bacon jam is versatile and can be added to breakfast, hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and used to repent vegetarians. It is also a wonderful addition to the cheese board where it pairs extremely well with more mature, hard cheeses.

Here it is served with a 18-month Castello Extra Matured Cheddar cheese, which is firm, sweet and has fine salt crystals.

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