Crispy Croquettas with Truffle Cheese, Ham and Porcini Mushroom Breading

Crispy Croquettas with a velvety interior are a classic in Spanish tapas bars. Try them with ham and a deep flavor of truffles and porcini mushrooms.

The taste of truffle is very special and the best comparison is to a deep bass in music.
In these crispy cheese balls the truffle flavor comes from Castello White with truffles and is amplified by the earthy flavor of dried porcini mushrooms in which the Croquettas are breaded.

The truffle cheese and mushrooms combined gives a characteristic taste, which lingers long in the mouth. Serve on a tapas table with quality aged vinegar for perfect acidic counterpoint to the rich truffle and deep flavor.

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Mikkel Bækgaard

Mikkel Bækgaard

This article was written by Mikkel Bækgaard, freelance food writer and food blogger /