Danish Blue with pear-fig jam and walnut biscuits

Blue cheeses like Danish Blue go really well with walnuts, honey, figs and rosemary. So why not combine it all in one delicious treat that will do well on the Easter table.

The slightly sweet biscuits and jam with figs and pears are a perfect match for the sharp taste of the cheese and complete the taste experience of the Danish Blue. And it all gets a piquant twist from the rosemary.

Serve the biscuits with a slice of Danish Blue and top with a teaspoon of pear-fig jam. You can also top with a slice of pear or some fresh rosemary.

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Mikkel Bækgaard

Mikkel Bækgaard

This article was written by Mikkel Bækgaard, freelance food writer and food blogger / www.mikkelsmadblog.dk.


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