Tips for Wine and Beer Cheese Pairings

Find the perfect Wine and Beer pairings for your Castello cheese!

Finding the perfect pairing for your cheese is key to creating exciting and unexpected flavor combinations. We always recommend shaking things up and trying new combinations!

We suggest choosing pairings based on the strength of the cheese. Milder cheeses, like Castello Golden or Castello White have a subtle taste that pairs well with white wine. For the best combinations, try a Sauvignon Blanc or a Chilled Gewürztraminer. To accentuate the intense flavor of stronger cheeses like Castello Danablu, you should match them with an equally rich and flavorful port wine.

Although we usually think of wine as the perfect pairing for cheese, there are many cheeses that pair perfectly with beer. Milder cheeses pair well with ale beer, while stronger ones are better suited for a dark ale or stout beer. Castello Black with it’s rich and piquant flavor, is exceptional in combination with a porter.

Check out the pairing chart below for more inspiration.

No matter what pairing you select, don’t forget about the presentation. Here are our tips for creating the perfect cheese board - use your creativity and delight your guests!