Small onions pickled in port wine with orange

Your cheese table’s new best friend!

Do not be fooled by the fact that these small bulbs are intended for a Castello Creamy White with green peppers, as they have many other potential cheese matches. In fact the vast majority. However, they are a better match to cheese which has a strong and distinct taste that they can help to balance. The flavor composition has been designed to accompany the distinct taste of pepper, which appears in the cheese.

The orange adds sweetness from the juice and the shell exudes citrus oils, providing a kick of citrus flavor and a little bitterness. Avoid the white parts of the orange, as the onions may become too bitter.

I could almost guarantee that this will be your cheese table’s new best friend. The sweet onions are also a good match for meat. Enjoy!

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Thomas Alcayaga

Thomas Alcayaga

This article was written by Thomas Alcayaga from the Danish food blog