New Castello Burger Blue: Bold, tangy and sophisticated

Transform your burger into a gourmet delight

Castello makes it easy for any burger aficionado to create a burger worthy of a gourmet chef with the launch of Burger Blue - perfectly sized and supremely meltable slices of blue cheese.

Featuring perfectly sized slices of blue cheese, Burger Blue melts evenly across a patty and stays on the burger during cooking and consumption – a feat nearly impossible to accomplish with traditional blue cheese crumbles.

The creamy and characteristically tangy notes of blue feature balanced sweet and salty undertones, lending an exquisite flavor to a savory grilled beef patty.

Burger Blue makes the grilling experience simpler, brings out the flavor of the meat and delivers the classic bold flavor of blue cheese without overpowering a burger.

Want to get cooking? Make a classic Blue Cheese Burger with lettuce, slices of tomato and onion.


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