Castello Street Food: Burger Blue on the go

Street food is all about flavors, discovery and trying new tastes.

Exploring new food is often one of the biggest experiences when travelling to new places or visiting new cities of the world. Street food is about convenience, grabbing a bite on the go but it’s also about exploring food trucks selling local authentic food and enjoying quality, atmosphere and taste in one bite.

We gave it a go at creating our very own street burger, inspired by the city of New York and using Castello Burger Blue – our supreme blue cheese slices adding that little extra to your blue cheese burger.

Get inspired by the street food culture and make your own blue cheese street burger – enjoy it on the go, with friends or as a tasty treat in the garden!

Get the recipe here

Søren Staun

Søren Staun

This article was written by Danish Food Blogger Søren Staun from

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