Say Happy Birthday with the Perfect Wine & Cheese Basket

What better way to send birthday wishes than a basket of perfectly paired wines and cheeses? Here are tips for putting together a basket with flavors that sing “happy birthday” in delightful harmony.

Include red and white wines

For a plush and delightfully balanced wine, include a bottle of Folie à Deux Cabernet Sauvignon. Boasting aromas of black cherry and black currant followed by subtle hints of tobacco and fennel, this elegant wine is supple and meant to be savored.   

Add a bottle of rich and classic Napa Cellars Chardonnay featuring hints of Meyer Lemon, honey melon, and baked apple crisp. This creamy Chardonnay finishes with soft and balanced notes of vanilla and a touch of caramel.


Vary the cheese flavors and textures

For a creamy cheese, add Castello® Double Crème Blue, a rich and smooth cheese with a soft, creamy texture. Its complex taste combines the flavor of slightly salted sour cream with the rounded, hoppy bitterness of blue.

For a zesty pairing, choose Castello® Danish Blue. With a fine, nutty blue aroma and hints of marzipan overlaid on a sourdough flavor, its soft and elegant bitterness brings out the flavor of the wine.

And for a rich, buttery aroma and creamy, slightly crunchy textured cheese, include Castello® Aged Havarti. With its attractive deep notes of butter and fermented milk, the combination is a delight for the senses. The small white spots that are visible on and within the cheese are the secret to its delicate and crystalline texture and subtle crunch.


Add sweet, savory and salty items

Round out the basket of flavors and textures by including sweet honeycomb, a box of Fig and Olive Raincoast Crisps®, as well as jars of salty olives and candied nuts.


Slip in some surprises

Include a few non-edible items to add a splash of color and a lot of thoughtfulness. Line the basket with a tea towel that matches your loved one’s kitchen, or put in a pair of luxurious cloth napkins to be used while enjoying the wine and cheese. Other items could include fresh flowers, a corkscrew, cheese knives, or a couple of small appetizer-sized plates.   


Personalize your gift

Finally, include a card or personal note with happy birthday thoughts and best wishes. 

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