Aged Havarti and Havarti Jalapeño awarded at international cheese competition

Our cheeses are not only creatively crafted but also award-winning — just ask the judges at the 2014 World Champion Cheese Contest, where our Aged Havarti and Havarti Jalapeño were honored for their high quality and incredible taste. Held late last year in Madison, Wis., the event drew top cheese aficionados from around the world as an expert tasting panel sampled more than 1,800 cheeses.

Our authentic, creamy Aged Havarti is known for it’s delicate crystalline texture, developed through a 12 month aging process. Our Aged Havarti is great on its own or with thin apple slices and a glass of red wine. The cheese also pairs well with thyme honey, caramelized onion chutney or pear and cardamom. And, it’s delicious in thin shavings on top of grilled asparagus or your favorite vegetables.

Our piquant Havarti Jalapeño was awarded in the pepper-flavored cheese category for its balanced, buttery flavor with mild red and green jalapeños added for a gentle hint of spice. Castello HavartiJalapeño is a creative complement for crackers, sandwiches, crisp vegetables, grilled chicken or your favorite nacho recipe.

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