Award Nominated Cheese Boards

Were you blown away by this year’s award nominated films? The top cinematic masterpieces inspired our Hollywood-worthy cheese boards—perfect for your next movie night or viewing party.


Aged Havarti stars in this cheese board, inspired by a grim, visceral and moody film that follows an American frontiersman out for revenge. To recreate this board at home, use natural elements like sticks, feathers, animal stoles and antlers. Use dark, real wood for your board and bowls, balanced with the worn look of a burlap placemat. Whole chestnuts, savory jerky and a spicy tomato chutney add a rugged aesthetic, while blackberries and thyme evoke a woodland feel. Serve Aged Havarti in big, rustic chunks, paired with a deep red glass of Folie à Deux Zinfandel.



The bright, ‘50s-style film that inspired this Traditional Danish Blue cheese board catalogues the life of a young Irish immigrant arriving in Brooklyn, New York. To create a cheese board that reflects her story, use retro shades of yellow and teal layered with items that mirror key story elements: a beach blanket, picnic basket and signature cat-eye sunglasses. Represent the main characters with Irish and Italian-American touches, like Irish Brown Bread, Castelvetrano olives and fresh tomatoes on the vine. Kumquats add a hint of sweetness and color. Complete the scene with a sumptuous wedge of Traditional Danish Blue, crumbled for sharing, and a crisp bottle of Folie à Deux Chardonnay.


Extraterrestrial conditions and the perilous journey of a trapped astronaut inspired our out-of-this-world Double Crème White cheese board. For a down-to-Earth recreation at home, use colors and textured based on the harsh elements found on Mars, such as black granite and white marble mixed with copper-colored sand and bowls. Bring in the film’s key storyline–potatoes–with fresh sprouts and rustic kettle chips. Other pairings represent the life of an astronaut: sundried tomatoes, space-travel-sized cornichons and the starry-look of Fleur de Sel. Finish the scene with a moon-cut Double Crème White as an ode to outer space, paired with the copper hues of Folie à Deux Chardonnay. 

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