Game Night

Game Night is the perfect way to spend some fun hours with good friends – it’s casual, laid back and allows for everyone to get loud, silly and competitive!

Playing good old-fashioned games with friends is fun and takes very little planning – all you need is snacks, drinks and of course your favorite board games.

For game night success, serve small bites that guests can grab between turns. Ranging from sweet to savory here are three great Game Night snacks that will spark conversation and give your guests the energy they need to compete all night!


Blue Cheese Dip x Castello Double Crème Blue

For game night you can never have too much dip! And why not go for something with a little twist on the ordinary? This flavorful blue cheese dip with Castello Double Crème Blue is easy to make and can be made ahead of time. Serve with potato or root vegetable crisps.

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Flammkuchen x Castello Double Crème White

Do you like mini pizzas? Then you will also enjoy these small German tarte flambée stuffed with bacon, onion and Castello Double Crème White. Food shouldn’t interrupt the flow of the game, and these single serving tarts are perfect to eat with one hand.

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Blueberry Syrup x Castello Extra Matured Cheddar

Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of sweetness after some savory snacks? This delicious blueberry syrup with a little lemon thyme is a delicious match with the rich and slightly crystalized Castello Extra Matured Cheddar.

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What to drink for Game Night?

You don’t want to be stuck on bartender duty but still don’t want to leave your guests thirsty. A great solution is to whip up a batch of your favorite cocktails and serve it in pitchers. If you want to explore suggestions on how to find the perfect cocktail for your cheesy snacks, check out our complete guide here. (Link to article How to pair cocktails with cheese:


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