Creamy White beech mushrooms, croutons and syrup

30min 10 servings
  • 400 g cleaned beech mushrooms
  • 400 g of Castello Creamy White
  • Ciabatta bread (or similar)
  • Red Wine Syrup or Balsamic Syrup
  • Fresh herbs, such as red sorrel
Creamy White beech mushrooms, croutons and syrup


Roast beech mushrooms in a frying pan in melted butter - season with salt and pepper. Cut Creamy White into portion pieces and divide the pieces between 10 plates.

Cut 10 thin pieces of bread, such as ciabatta and brush the slices with a little olive oil. Toast the bread slices crisp in the oven at 200° until light golden. Distribute the mushrooms and croutons on plates, drizzle with ready-made red wine syrup or balsamic syrup and decorate with fresh herbs, such as red sorrel.

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