Castello® Burger Blue Juicy, creamy, sharp

Castello® Burger Blue

Creamy, an onion tang, a hint of bitter lemon juice, expanding to fill your senses, dissolving
like opulent fudge. Now think of that on a burger fresh from the grill, oozing over the
meat, seeping into the bun, adding punch and vigour to every mouthful. Prepare to

Six slices of blue cheese, burger-sized, made to melt. Handcrafted in Denmark.

Nutritional Information


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Nutritional Information

  • 400kcal
  • 37 g Fat
  • 23 g Saturated Fat
  • <0.5 g Carbohydrates
  • <0.5 g Sugars
  • 17 g Proteins
  • 3.2 g Salt