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The Minimalist Plate

It doesn't take much to prepare this striking cheese plate. Whether it is to be enjoyed as a plate for one or intended as individual appetizers, this simple combination of texture, colour, and flavour comes together in a masterpiece for the senses.

Castello® Double Crème Blue

Sticky and luscious on your knife, this blue cheese will be tender and mild at first, before - ever so gently - releasing a delicate beery bitterness just as you swallow leaving the creamiest of coatings behind. Just try stopping at one bite.

Castello® Double Crème White
It starts with the slim rind that yields to your knife like a layer of snowy ice resting on silken water. Beneath, thick and velvety, lies the cream of this white cheese, waiting for you. Let it melt in your mouth, hints of plain yoghurt and dark chocolate. Give in to its seductive notes, savour its mild aftertaste, and enjoy the same rich afterglow you'd get from a well-marbled steak.

Castello® Tickler Extra Mature Cheddar
This is an extra mature cheddar with a sweet, tangy taste. It is carefully matured for up to 18 months and made by expert cheese makers at the Taw Valley Creamery in Devon.

Castello® Danish Fontina

A mild, pale yellow, cow's milk cheese from Denmark. A semi-soft cheese with a creamy texture.


  • blackberries
  • cornichons


  • breadsticks
  • micro greens or sprouts
  • toasted pine nuts


Less is more, but it doesn't mean you can't get creative. Explore minimalism by constructing the cheeseboard on a salad plate, a slate or marble slab and accompany with a simple linen napkin.