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If you're hosting a great dinner party, these creative tips will ensure your canapés are a hit!

Packed with flavour, these bite sized wonders are a great way to get the party started. And as fun as they are to eat, they are equally fun to make - explore different tastes and textures and make your very own signature canapés. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Think of a theme to create your canapé menu, occasions such as Christmas or regional flavours such as Japanese

2. Size as mouthful morsels

3. Although bites are small, pack it with flavour! Use spices, sauces and garnishes

4. Combine flavours, sweet, bitter, mellow and salty for a taste sensa-tion

5. Change textures for a surprising crunch, use toast or firm vegetables

6. Be surprising and hide unique flavours within your artistic canapé creations

7. Limit and balance the adorn-ments for the perfect measure

8. Arrange the canapés as a fun display

9. Use colours and props to serve and display such as glazes, creams, herbs or flowers