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Nothing elevates a gathering more than an elegantly presented cheeseboard. Tailormade for mingling and conversation, a delicious assortment of cheeses, paired with just the right foods, provides a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.


A cheeseboard is a guaranteed crowd pleaser - it sparks conversa-tion and allows your guests to ex-plore new taste and combinations.

Think of color, shape and texture when selecting cheeses for a cheeseboard. It’s a good idea to serve at least 3-5 different cheeses and choose cheese from each type of cheese – for this board we chose a Extra Creamy Brie, Double Crème Blue and Castello TicklerTM Extra Ma-ture Cheddar cheese. Always re-member to have a mild cheese in your selection in case your guests are not as adventurous as you!

To accompany the cheese we’re adding lemon curd and pickled gin-ger. Normally, lemon curd is served with pastries or toast, but don’t un-derestimate the effect of pairing it with cheese where it provides both freshness and sweetness. If you’re making the lemon curd yourself, you can also replace lemon juice with mashed raspberries or other citrus fruits. On this board we also serve pickled ginger, which in many ways brings similar taste of sweetness and freshness.


Creating a cheeseboard can be as simple or as advanced as you like, so we encourage you to have fun and maybe even add your own crea-tive pairings. To kick off the creativity here are a variety of delicious accompaniments that allow the palate to appreciate the taste of the cheese:

Bread: Flatbread, grilled crostini, crackers, baguette

Sweet: Figs, apricots, honey, berry preserves

Savory/Salty: Roasted almonds, cashews, Kalamata olives, spicy mustard

Charcuterie: White wine salami, prosciutto, pork pâté, Andouille sausage


To get the full taste experience of the mould cheeses, we recommend taking them out of the fridge an hour before serving.