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Host a Memorable New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is one of the best party dates of the year. Be sure your party of friends, family and loved ones stands out as the ‘must-go-to’ event in everyone’s calendars with these tips. From welcoming your attendees, to selecting the right music, party games and delicious New Year’s Eve food ideas with savoury Castello cheese you’ll be host with the most.

New Year’s Eve Hosting and Entertainment

There are so many ways of making sure excitement is set before your guests even enter your home. From the invitation, to the decoration of the entrance when they arrive, it all adds to the experience. Of course, you needn’t go overboard with your set up, but a few simple details will make all the difference in the experience of your party. Setting the tone, and making sure everyone has a wonderful time.


Will you be going for a theme focusing on the highlights of the previous year? Maybe a Black and White Ball for that edge of elegance or simply just going for the festive feeling? Whatever you choose to do, it’s important to make sure that the theme resonates across your entire party from the invitation, to the dressing of your home as well as the food. Do whatever is manageable and exciting for your guests. It only happens once a year, better make it brilliant. And why not include New Year’s Eve party decorations that guests can use throughout the evening – wearables, party poppers, crackers, confetti and sparklers will keep the fun going at the table all night.


Next, the invitation. Make sure it reflects the kind of party you’ll be having. Is it a casual event? If yes, a simple text or email will suffice. And if you’re going a little more advanced, why not design a quick invitation for the event. No need to hire a designer for it either, there are plenty of cool, elegant and funky templates to choose from and you can go as far as you wish with the design, from balloons and fireworks motifs to popping champagne corks and glitter…Phew! But, when it comes to this element, perhaps less is more. Find the key ideas of the theme and party and stick to those as the visual cues. From there, alongside the time, date and personal invite, you’re ready to get started on ideas for dressing your home.


For occasions such as these, it’s key to get the tone right. Depending on the kind of New Year’s party you decide to have, you can par it down or go all out with the bells and whistles, depending on your mood. The one thing that’s very important is to make sure the ambience is perfect for the guests to feel comfortable, open and ready to enjoy jumping into the New Year together. From ensuring there are enough chairs and break out space for conversations, to making sure the music is right for the time of night. One of our favourite tricks is to have a pre-dinner playlist to get the mood started. Then later on you can switch to the after midnight New Year’s playlist of new and old classics to start the new year with a bang. If you want to make sure that all your guests are ready to get on the dance floor, why not invite them to have a playlist ready and then have them take turns with their own favourite music – or simply make a joint playlist and have everyone add their all-time favourite party music to keep the dance floor filled all evening.



There’s nothing that brings people together quite like some fun New Year’s Eve games, especially when expectations are running high. As it’s on the cusp of a new year, perhaps some playful trivia from the year gone by could work to reveal which of the guests have been keeping abreast of current events. Or, should there be a more active collection of friends and loved ones together, charades never fail to add some ice-breaking silliness to the table. Another game that never fails to bring a smile to faces is the ‘Guess the Resolution’. Simply have your guests write down their five resolutions for the coming year on a piece of paper, fold them up and have the read out later in the evening. Whoever guesses connect the most resolutions with guests wins!


On a night of popped bottles and all-night partying, it’s very important to make sure that your guests have some tasty snacks to nibble on when they arrive and before the main course is served. But don’t forget to have some delicious snacks ready after midnight and especially once all your guests get ready celebrate the new year on the dance floor. Get inspiration from our collection of snacks and finger food that are delicious, easy to prepare and guaranteed to keep your attendees in high spirits. From Creamy White crackers, salmon crostini with Aged Havarti to sharp blue cheese canapés, your snacks are sorted. See our selection HERE