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Creamy White with hummus and parma ham

Creamy White with hummus and parma ham

Cook 30 min 4 servings

Something for everyone – our recipe for soft white cheese with hummus and Parma ham nestles savory treats in a satisfying fusion of textures. Marinated in balsamic vinegar, borretane onion offer rich zests to soft white cheese, prosciutto and sweet hummus. A perfect addition to cheeseboards or tapas of all sorts.

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  • 2 packs of Castello® Double crème white
  • 16 slices of parma ham (or similar)
  • 10½ ounces readybought hummus
  • 6,3 ounces borettane onions (small flat onions in Balsamico marinade)


  • pre-bought bruschetta
  • fresh fresh basil



1. Take the cheese out of the refrigerator about ½ hour before serving.

2. Serve with ham, hummus, borretane onions, bruschetta and fresh basil.