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Our Waste Mission

Our Waste Mission

At Castello, we believe every mouthful is an opportunity to feed your senses. It’s why we never want to waste a bite.

Global food waste contributes to climate change, so it only felt natural for us to begin our own waste mission. We commit to minimizing food waste at our dairies and tackling packaging waste to do our part while inspiring others to do the same.

Leftover Cheese Recipes

At Castello, we aim to never waste any delicious cheese, and to inspire you to use up your leftovers, we have worked with our chefs to turn yesterday's leftovers into today's tasty dishes.

Food Waste At The Dairy

For years, our dairies have continuously worked to reduce their cheese waste. From taking daily walks to spot waste issues, to introducing renewable energy sources that keep our cheeses churning, we continue to do our part. Discover more here.


An end to black plastic

We don't think it's right to put looks ahead of sustainability. While black plastic trays, which we previously used on products like our Burger Blue Slices, might have looked appealing, the color black makes it hard to recycle into other products. This did not align with our goals, and as such, we got rid of black plastic. Today, Castello is 100% free of black plastic packaging.

2,052,503 POUNDS

According to the UNEP Food Waste Index Report 2021, that's the amount of food waste estimated to have been produced globally in 2019.

4,409,245 POUNDS

The amount of Castello cheese that may be wasted each year at home. We are on a mission to help reduce this number! *Calculated using our internal sales data for pre-packed cheeses and the application of an assumption that c. 15% of food in the home is wasted.


According to the UNEP Food Waste Index Report 2021, 61% of all food waste generated comes from the home, compared to 13% from retailers. Read more about how to reduce your waste on our Food Waste Tips page below.